All Terrain Landscape Management

Lawn Maintenance Packages

Maintenance packages are what set us apart from most competitors. We want to streamline the process as much as possible for you and us. It presents a clear plan for all involved. Here are some of the reasons why packaging works and its benefits. 

  • Packaging a group of service lets you know what to expect during the growing season.

  • Consistent service allows consistent results.

  • Weekly visits allow us to catch possible issues with pests, irrigation systems and other unforeseen problems.

  • Weekly mowing helps control weeds and grass clipping build-up.

  • Consistent monthly invoice. No surprises.

  • Service is scheduled for the same day of the week so you'll know when we will be there.

  • Discounts on other services we provide besides the service offered in the packages.

When we meet, we will give you a service menu to choose which services you would like us to perform throughout the year. Regular mowing is a basic service that must be included with any service agreement. Chemical applications are usually part of all service agreements.

Please keep in mind that some months are busier than others. For example; we may not even mow in the month of April, but we will apply chemicals and possibly prune and clean up the winter mess in your yard. July and August may only require us to mow. In October, we may mow once or twice, winterize your irrigation and apply winter fertilizer. This is what’s so great about packaging. Services are performed at their optimal timing, so you don’t have to worry about them!

Service begins in April and continue through October. We can package all of the services you agree to and bill you the same amount for the entire 7 month season, April-October. So, if all of the service for the season add up to $1,400.00, we would bill you $200.00 a month for 7 months.

For full definitions on our services and exactly what they entail, please see our Services Page or contact us directly. We are always available to answer questions.